In the 1970s the region was experiencing a period of rapid growth and development following the discovery of oil. At the time, regional infrastructure was being developed which resulted in a construction boom.

Due to harsh climatic conditions, all buildings required air conditioning thus increasing electrical loads.

LV Switchgear had to be imported, as there were no local panel builders. Delivery time for the equipment was between 12- 18 months and was affecting construction project completion dates.

There was a real requirement for locally based panel builders, who could closely work with local authorities and customers to provide quality solutions for the safe distribution of power.

To this effect, in 1977, Arabian Gulf Switchgear was conceived to fulfil this need and became one of the first switchgear companies in the UAE.AGS has witnessed first hand the transformation of the region and has been actively involved in providing LV solutions for airports, sea ports, hospitals, oil & gas, water treatment, palaces & high-end residential, hospitality, healthcare, infrastructure, defense, governmental, municipal, telecommunications facilities, sports arenas, etc.

Due to increased demand, AGS moved into its own purpose-built facilities in 2000 and opened a repre- sentative office in Qatar.

AGS is currently working on landmark projects such Dubai Opera House, Bluewaters (featuring the Dubai Eye), Dubai Parks and the King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Jeddah, its largest project to date.