• Air Circuit Barker Retrofitting
  • Capacitor Bank Replacement
  • Site Modifications

With our vast experience and expertise as a panel builder for the past 40 years, we can propose solutions to modernize/upgrade your existing equipment and extend their lifespan. Unavoidably, equipment and components have an end of life. Action has to be taken proactively to secure smooth operations.

What are the benefits of retrofitting ageing ACBs?

  • Economical
  • Practical
  • Peace of mind

We are working closely with our suppliers to retrofit ageing ACBs

  • Engineered solution with manufacturer warranty
  • Less risk because no cables modification and no civil footprint changes
  • Technology benefits thanks to solution using latest technology ensuring
  • Safety of people and surroundin equipment
  • Enhanced availibility and operational reliability in reducing Failure of CBs.
  • Reduced maintenance costs
  • Improved reliability of your installation
  • Reduced maintenance shutdown time
  • Fast and simple implementation

Capacitor banks are a critical part of LV Switchgear and a mandatory requirement of Electricity Authorities

It is vital to maintain the highest level of performance to ensure maximum efficiency.

  • Evaluation by team of Expert Engineers
  • Site Measurement facilities for
    • Capacitance Value
    • System Disturbances
    • Electrical Connections
  • Site Testing facility to evaluate performance of the system after rectification / replacement

Switchgear modifications are necessary to reflect changes in use of spaces in buildings and to ensure continued safety of people and equipment. As the supplier of your existing switchgear we will ensure your investment is safeguarded and allrelevant documentation updated.